Girls, does looks really matter to you?

If a guy that was a little bit below average went up to you in full confidence and spoke to you and asked you out would you consider doing so? Does looks matter too much or do you have to be a good looking guy for you to give all your attention to? Or is it just the heart that counts more?


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  • For one if you're unattractive id suggest talking to me without a picture first, even if im into you if you look super unattractive to me my feelings will change even if i try to consider how well you treated mee i just thinking if im to kiss someone they have to be at least somewhat cute
    For two if it was in person i dont know what id do id probably just act like I don't know him but thats because im damn cute my bodies nice i have small feet and a cute smile therefore i should be able to get who i want
    For three why are you asking because youree fine like yess baby yess

    • Lol well thank yoj and yeah I agree with everything you said haha makes sense actually. I just figured maybe there was still hope for guys that aren't really blessed with good looks.

    • Probably if we were friends before soo that way i could grow to like him , just asking of course
      1. Whats your minimum dating age?
      2. Can you message me id like to ask you something

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  • We all got our tastes and stuff like someone said before but I just wanted to point out something.

    I feel like many are saying it does not matter because there is a computer screen between them and someone "below average". I'm going to be honest here and say looks do have a say for the most part and not just for me. If you think back to our animal instincts, we are attracted to those who seem the best to have offspring with, ya get me? When an animal first walks in and sees a "fit" animal and a "bellow average" animal which do you think the animal would rather have offspring with right off the bat? The fit one. It's the same thing for humans because we are animals.

    Now I'm not saying that everything is based on looks because we humans have emotions more developed than many other animals in this world. At some point in time we began wondering towards the "below average" and some gradually gained attraction the them. But then again, as said before, we all have our own tastes.

    So basically, looks do have some random % of importance to a person for the at first glance moment but emotions play a huge role afterwards. Everybody will like somebody, so what does it matter?

  • In my honest opinion: in this generation, some find a fine looking scumbag "attractive" but the nice, well- rounded "below average."

    I judge people with their character rather than their looks. They could treat me like a queen and I still wouldn't care what they looked like. Just as long as they are treating me with respect.

    Does that help? :)

  • No. I have to be attracted to him. I'm not even attracted to "average". Cute guys with a great personality. It's simple.

    He's getting a cute girl (in my mind) that will lavish his body with all of the attention and love he deserves while respecting his mind and soul as well as him as a man.

    I should have the same. NO ONE should settle.

  • honestly i wouldn't turn him dowm even if he was "ugly"

  • You see, I don't know what you mean by "below average" because what I find attractive may be different from what you think other girls are into and most or everyone gets with someone that they find attractive, that's just human nature.

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