Girls: what if he was older than he looked?

I've been told numerous times that I look young for my age which is fucking great, it's flattering. I just want to make it clear I'm not necessarily looking for the younger crowd either; if she can hang with me in conversations, she's in.

A new guy at work whom was 19 years old asked me how old I was. I gave him my age and he replied with mockery, "Yeah, and I have six kids." (again, he's 19) as if to say he didn't believe me.

Another guy, just the other day, got to asking my age because I called him a youngyun, he's 23 years old. He was convinced I was younger than him and proceeded to ask for my ID which I didn't provide.

So yeah, going back to my question: how would girls react to dating a guy whom you thought was in his early 20's when in fact he's daddy material, haha?


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  • I think it's pretty awesome to date a guy who looks younger than he is. My boyfriend is like that. Every single person I know thinks he's my age but he's actually over 30. I think it's amazing!


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  • lucky u dude basicall...;-)

    • Yeah, I'm certainly grateful for it.

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  • I'd date you if I was 0 - 4 years younger than you. It doesn't matter if you look younger than your age. It's actually a pro not a con.


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