I got in a fight with this guy last night through text and now he's not texting back?

We met through friends like a week ago or two. And we text sometimes. We chilled two or three times after that. Once alone and then with friends the other times. My friend says he isn't the sleezy type, but I feel like he just wants sex. And I'm not gonna give it up. He's younger then me but I can't help but like him. Anyways I yelled at him through text accusing him of it because he hit me up at 2am askkng to chill
but with my work schedule I usually work till 10 or 11pm, and don't have time in the morning or afternoon because that's when i begin. So he hasn't texted me since then. He denied me being a booty call and asked why I would think that. Whenever we are together tho he is pretty protective. These guys were being annoying in a flirty way about something and he just stood up for me
dont know what I should do


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  • Send him nude pics and say CHILL. CHILL. CHILL BOY.

    • he's gonna be my slave

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