Am I wrong for wanting to wait for this girl?

A couple of months ago, I asked out a girl at work that I really like. (We've known each other for a year. She's fairly confident, and outgoing, but she seemed a little shy whenever she was near me) We exchanged numbers, and we've been texting ever since. I tried making plans with her but I noticed she kept calling it off. After the third time, I first thought she might ducking me because wasn't interested, but, she's the kind of girl who would tell a guy point blank "I don't like you that way. Leave me alone", so I asked her about it. She said wasn't deliberately ignoring me. Then she sent me several texts in the middle of the night. She said wouldn't mind spending time with me, but she was feeling confused, while getting over her last relationship (She was engaged, and they broke up not too long ago) She also apologized for ducking me. During that exchange, I wound up confessing how I felt about her.

I gave her space, (We only text each other about once a week) and decided to play it cool, but she still remained very warm and friendly toward me. One day at work, we happened to working in the same area, and she really warmed up. (Longer conversations, going out of her way to help me with things, playful flirting, etc.) I couldn't help myself, and I asked her out again, (She even had an idea for a date), but she eventually backed out, again, for the same reason. (She apologized profusely)

I'm the kind of guy who backs off when things get complicated with a girl, and in this case, she seems different. She has a LOT personal qualities that I find attractive, and admire.

I'm certain of two things:

There isn't another guy.
I haven't been "friendzoned". (As close as we've gotten, she's never really referred to me as a friend or buddy)

Am I wrong for wanting to wait for her?
We're both in our early (20s)
One more thing:

She always (And I mean ALWAYS) initiates contact WHENEVER she sees me.


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  • You're not wrong. You said you feel like she is different. So if she is different, she is usually worth waiting for. Give her time, let her know you will still be there. She will warm up eventually, and go through with it. But give her time, and show her you care. That's how you make sure she knows, and will go through with it.


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  • Women like this that don't know what they want do not deserve you.

    Go and date the next women that you are interested in and forget about this one.


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  • She may not be ready for a relationship. But does like you.


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