How to turn her down without hurting her too much?

So basically a co worker of mine have been trying to get me to go out with her for a drink and has no problem telling everyone and including me she wants to go out on it as a date (not sure if she is being sarcastic), The thing is I know where this is headed and I have been told by the other girls in the office she likes me but I don't feel the same way about her. When I came to work there I knew it was going to happen and so talking casually to the girls I made it very clear if I like a girl she would know it and plus I have a hard time moving on from a girl (mutually seperated) and it will take someone of her calibur to make me feel happy again. I also explained to the girl in particular rejection is a part of life and you can't force someone to like another person and on top of that you have to pay attention to see if that person is reciprocating to show some level of interest and go with your gut instinct.
I have never showed any type of interest except be polite to this girl and constantly state I am not interested in a relationship with anyone right now, I also told her the bar drinking scene is not my thing and I just want to be alone right now. My dumbass coworkers are only making things worse by encouraging it when I backout, but one of them told the girl I am not interested in dating or going out with anyone in the office right now. But she still persists and is not taking a hint and I am getting kinda aggrivated, I just want to sort out my life now. I am feeling no connection to this girl and I just want to know how to confront her in a polite manner and tell her to stop asking me out.


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  • Hmm I see, tell her you respect the co-worker relationship you guys have too much to take it to another level. You are taking this opportunity to improve your life and if she wants she can be a good friend and support your decision.


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  • so... she isn't hot enough? that's the only real issue right?

    • no, we don't connect, the other girl and I shared the same interests she is quiet and reserved and so am I she was a gamer, I was a gamer that's how we met but we are in a situation where we cannot be together now and not sure where our future is headed , this other girl has an annoying hyper/ moderately disrespectful attitude even to me when I'm trying to give advice on how to improve on her work,

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    • oh dont worry they likely will being women, but why will it matter.

    • well you know how some office folk are, if you are not screwing someone or have proof of it they will want to "help" by just dragging you down to make themselves feel better, wouldn't be surprised if they were giving the girl false hope just to hurt her

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