Can I date a girl or 2 and not in relationship?

can I date a girl or 2 and not in relationship?


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  • Yeah. As far as I'm concerned, if you aren't calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend, then it's not official and technically not an actual relationship. I've dated two guys at once, but they both knew that we weren't in a relationship. So I guess you'd just have to make sure that there aren't any miscommunications. If you're seeing other people, then they should know beforehand I think. Just because it would be kind of shitty to find out the guy you thought was your boyfriend isn't actually your boyfriend lmao.

    • I drawl the line at we aren't living together.

    • Oh. Well that lines pretty far lol. As long as the girls are aware that you're in an open relationship with them.

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  • Yes, you can. That's what I do; I date as many women as I can until one of them lets me know she wants to be exclusive. I don't recommend sleeping with any of them until you're in a relationship, though; it gets complicated and usually ends badly.

    • I can be player and with completions building they like me more then my chose who end up with. .

    • Yes, exactly. And if any of the girls asks you if you're dating other girls, you can give her a big grin and tell her, "Not that many."

    • about go date with weird weed head girl lol I dont want settle for that lol but dont want be virgin lol

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  • Yes, you can. There's nothing at all wrong with it. If you haven't agreed to be exclusive than it's not cheating. I do think the other person you're dating should know so there aren't any confusions.


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  • Date all you want, but when you get deep with a girl and talk about being exclusive. Only be exclusive. Never cheat.


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