I think I need to kiss her or make out with her for her to make up her mind.

OK well there's this girl I met through my best friend 2 weeks ago we didn't talk like that until this weekend. I was at my friends house and she was there.and we was just flirting with each other through text messages around everyone. Then last Sunday I told her I like her and she said she really likes me too. I then asked if she wanted a boyfriend and she said she didn't want a relationship at he moment.plus there's this guy she's been talking to for 2 months now and she's wondering if he's going to ask her out. But she did say if that guy doesn't ask her out or if he just loses interest in her. Me and her can date or be in a relationship.

Thing is I think I need to kiss her or make out with her for her to make up her mind. But, how am I going to do that I never kissed before and I'm scared she's going to think I suck at it. (especially because my best friend thinks I'm not a virgin). There must be someway for me to do this right please help. I'm probably going to go see her on Saturday I need good advice before then!


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  • Going about kissing people to make up their mind will certainly not do it. This is abosolutley the wrong approach to this sort of problem. Kissing her will ultimatley disgust her because you have taken such a foreard step twards her and youve only been really talking to her for about 2 weeks vs. a guy who has been talking to her for 2 months.

    I suggest that you assert yourself and make yourself more known to her and let her know that your interested still and you want the intention of dating her or being in a relationship with her. Don't tell her to make up her mind and certainly don't force her to make a decision it's not your choice no matter how much you want it to be. Wait forher decision and that guy to either lose interest or ask her out. You must wait but at the same time keep talking to her.

    Best Of Luck

    • Really? so just show my intrest in her and I'm good?...no need to kiss her?

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    • You can't ever really know for sure unless you read minds but obviously that's not the case but ask just about any girl, none of them would like that(especially with your current situation) you only see that kind of thing work in romance movies not real life.

    • Fine ill just keep talking to her make her feel special and let her know how much I like her.

  • Dude you're going about it wrong.

    You're trying to do it this way,

    1. Get in relationship with girl
    2. Hook up with her

    It should be the other way around;

    1. Hook up with her
    2. Get in relationship

    Consider that most people are hooking up for a couple of weeks before they properly get in a relationship. That's why she' s unsure. Just meet her and make out with her. She said she liked you so go for it.