Would a Christian (any denomination) be open to dating a Catholic?

I am Catholic, though I don't know if I can call myself one anymore. I just haven't being going to church in a while. The thing is, I know I need God. If anything, I have kept my morals but religion disagrees with me sometimes. Anyway, I hope that I can meet people and get back to church. I would also hope to meet people that aren't too conservative, nor too liberal. As I am right in between. With this in mind, do you think any Christians (whatever denomination) would be open to dating me? I think I could go to their church, but I would hope they'd be willing to come to mine as well. If you are a Christian please tell me which denomination (whether your answer is positive or negative).


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  • I'm Catholic and it seems like other Christians have preconceived notions about us and what we believe. Some Catholics don't even know what they believe. If you find someone who hasn't been brainwashed that we are bad people, that's a start! You could start going back to Mass and find another Catholic too.

    • I agree with you. I was in a Christian group in my freshman year of college, and they were very welcoming. But I'm aware that there are a vast majority of Christians who abhor the Catholic Church (and that makes me sad).

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    • Yeah, I feel that's the problem. Most Catholics aren't prepared to defend their beliefs (they don't know what they believe). The same cannot be said about most non-Catholic Christians. They know their stuff inside out. I'll try to learn more about my faith. The reason I posted this question, is b/c someone's caught my interest and I don't know how she'll feel when I tell her I'm Catholic. I wanna go back to my church, but my church doesn't have the demographic criterion I seek in a woman. I like Asian females, but I'm not sure that there are that many who a Catholic. Christian on the other hand, I'm most likely to find.

    • We have Asians in our church.

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  • No. I can not be with a person who is a follower of the traditions of man... That is what most Catholics are. Jeremiah 10 commands against it. The devils at the helm of that church deceive you greatly.

    • You are so judgemental! I almost regret asking this question now. Well, thanks for sharing your opinion anyway.

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    • Alphamale, you sound crazy, just saying.

    • What is crazy that I said. I DO NOT follow the traditions of man. That is all catholic (Jesuits) do. 'Easter' is on Sunday. I ask you my catholic brother... when was the Lord risen from the dead?

      You are deceived.

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  • i would be =]

    id rather them be the same as me [orthodox] but if theyre really sumthin else then id be down for it.

  • Yeah. I don't really care.


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