First date ideas?

Okay, so it can't look like a date on the surface, it needs to look like two friends hanging out but I'm hoping we'll part as something more. Any ideas?


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  • Honestly, I love being playful and having fun so I would wanna go bowling or a theme park, or painting or build-a-bear. Just doing something really fun that involves doing something as opposed to just sitting and watching a movie. But that's just me.


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  • Well usually for people in their 20s I'd say dinner/drinks is always a good start at a place with a nice vibe because conversation, get to know each other, focus on each other, and then the option is on her if you are going to stay the night or not.

    Buuuuuttt I notice you;re under 18. So, do something you have in common with her. Whatever that may be. Rock climbing, ice skating, cuddle at the beach at night, go on a hike on the weekend, whatever it is. Find something you have in common, get to know her, have fun, make sure to take pictures so you can remind her of what a great time you two had. What a solid idea.


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