I fear that I will grow old alone and unhappy. Perhaps this will pass, I don't know. What are your thoughts?

Every time I am out with my friends Men rarely approaches me if at all they do, it's because they want my friend. When a guy does happen to flirt with me, they would be 10-20 years older than me.

I consider myself to be very beautiful, because if 90% of the people I come across tell me that and that I should be a model, then I believe I am.

I am from west Africa so I am black. I have small facial features, slender and 5ft and 6inches.

My father is a neurosurgeon and my mother is a dentist. I am currently 27 and about to finish med school. I have a British accent because I grew up in London there before moving to the USA 4 years ago. I don't have the opportunity to get exposed to many men of my kind and the few I know would prefer to date outside their race. I just wonder, how then can I not get another race to date me?.

Why do I always have to be the girl no man talks to?.

I am just afraid that I will either be forever lonely or end up settling for less and be extremely unhappy


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  • You don't have the opportunity to get exposed to many men of your "kind." What exactly does that mean? What kind of men are your "kind?"

    Also, can you translate this sentence for me: "how then can i not get another race to date me?"

    Where do you go to meet men? What time do you go out? Do you smile?

    I'm having a hard time believing that a very beautiful woman is not getting approached.

    Share some convincing anecdotes, will you?


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  • It depends on which state you are in
    Some states do have a black problem so u should consider online dating. Tinder is a fun place to start but you have unlimited options

  • What is wrong with dating a guy 10 years older than you? 20 May be a stretch but 10 is more normal our our age.

    • Honestly do not care too much about the age difference. I guess my point is it mostly just ends at the flirting and nothing more.
      Those who usually would come up to me which is rare would be in their 50's,

      I had to post this question tonight because I was out with my friends and the same thing happened just as always.

      I do not know what I could do differently to change this. It is quite depressing.

    • Why don't you try approaching them? Ehy wait around for some guy to ask you out. It's your life, take control

  • if all the lonely people went out and found other lonely people there would be no more lonely people


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