Do you think people over 30 (men and women) have it harder dating?

I just went through some profiles on okCupid and on one profile of a 21 year old says: "If you are older than 30 then please go away and look for older women."
  • Yes! It's harder for both sexes if you reach or pass 30.
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  • No, it's only harder for females if they reach or pass 30.
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  • No, it's only harder for males if they reach or pass 30.
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  • No, it's harder for neither.
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  • No, as long you're rich and successful, I'm sure she would change her mind. lol
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  • other (please elaborate)
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  • I don't know. I just want to see the results.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • At 21 I was open to dating those above 30.
    At 28 , I still am (those 40s and above).
    It all has to do with personality.
    If someone is a dense person and lacks personality, then they have it harder in dating in general.
    I dont think you should look at ONE person's profile and draw such a huge implication.
    Who made them the voice of all 20 something year olds?
    That person is just into those within their age range, that is all.


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What Girls Said 3

  • A: because you have to search for social groups to replace school/college/retirement "dorms"
    and these are not fully attended
    and these may be a majority of married (thus not direct candidates to date)
    + extra time/investment out of a busy work day burned up on hopes with no guaranty... but a better bet & match than dating sites!

  • Well that's one person's opinion. There are a lot of men and women in their thirties still able to date without a problem. I think as long as you keep your looks up. 30's is still young, and if you take care of yourself you'll still look young. I usually date older men.

  • Oh! fish I clicked on the wrong option. I think it gets harder and harder cause till today's date people think that young is attractive and all. Not that older people are bad but it does happen.


What Guys Said 3

  • Well, we can sort of stereotype the situation arising on those dating sites that are not wholly natural or reflective of real life dating. We can surmise that the type of men more likely to join dating websites that are older are the less desirable ones to women (not wholly, of course, a broad range of people use those sites). Secondly, women in the age range of 21 are deemed to be the most desirable. I don't wish to be too unkind, but let's face it, a 21 year old female is going to be desirable to most men, even if she's *objectively* not that physically attractive, and hasn't cultivated her personality. Because there are so many men of this ilk, who are searching for some kind of salvation, some kind of acceptance from these girls, when in actuality they should be focusing on self cultivation, which will eventually lead to them being more attractive in real life. So there's an over supply of these men, with a short supply of these young *ideal* women, it causes the women to be over valued and the men to be under so. These are the natural laws of supply and demand. So women can sort of get away with acting up.

    Of course, we should mention the fact that a lot of the time these women are right anyway. Older men are sometimes chasing some kind of fantasy, some kind of lost part of their youth, which is not reflective of where they really are.

    Really, I think men are creating their own misery. Because, what is materialistically attractive to men are youthful, attractive women. For women, it's also social status, success, other less tangible factors. It's a bit rich for men to be critical about women's desires when they are just as narrow focused in what they want from women.

    As for me, I'm almost 30, and I always find it difficult dating, haha. That's just because I'm naturally awkward and do things differently. I think age is more relevant if you subscribe to society's unconscious norms. The women I'm interested are rare and are across the whole age spectrum.

  • I have to imagine it is.

  • Na, there are plenty of naive young girls who go for older guys.


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