She doesn't answer my text, do I annoy her?

This girl gave me her number without me asking and told me to text her so I did we talked for a while but won't answer my text any more does she like me because she gave me her number or because she doesn't answer my text do I annoy her

She does text me but then in the middle of a chat she will just stop but when I text her no answer


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  • That's weird. I don't know why she would do this.

    She might be making up her mind whether she likes you. Or maybe she backs off when she is afraid that things are moving too fast. Or she might like the attention you are giving her, but not be that into you. Or she might just not have great social skills! It could be that someone interrupts her when she is texting you and she doesn't realize that it's ride not to tell you she has to go.

    When she does this, don't keep texting her. If she won't answer, don't contact her until she contacts you. This way, you are showing her that you won't chase her and that you have better things to do than wait for her to text back. If she thinks she can treat you rudely, then she will lose respect for you and keep doing it.

    If it turns out that she does still like you, then I would say something to her one day. Tell her that you have often wondered why she suddenly bails in the middle of a text conversation. Tell her that you would like it if she could warn you when she is about to leave in future. Good luck.


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  • Rude, rude, rude. Why would you continue to contact this girl? If she liked you, she'd explain that things are really busy, or she simply can't text right now, but would love to resume the conversation later.

    If she can't do that, you need to find a better girl. Trust me, there are PLENTY of great gals out there. Go find her! Unfortunately, many younger girls today have a very screwed up sense of "playing hard to get", or trying to keep his attention. They do things all wrong, and end up losing great guys because of their coy little games.

  • I'm with the guys on this one. She might not have decided to just stop texting you. She might have got caught up in doing something else and got distracted.

    Having said that, girls are always told that to get a guy, we have to play hard to get. Personally I think it's bullsh*t, but she might be doing that. Maybe she's trying not to look needy.

    I say, don't annoy her, don't give her millions of texts. But be bold. Send her one asking if she's gonna actually bother to text you back this time. But don't be mean about it! Just sort of jokey.

    One thing missing from all this though. Do YOU actually like HER? Cause if you're just texting for the hell of it, don't beat yourself up over it. Be polite and move on.

  • I think it's pretty common-sensical that you would never want to purposely "annoy" someone. The word has no positive connotation whatsoever. If you actually have any interest in her, you wouldn't want to drive her away by pestering her. It's different if you're asking whether you should text her again to see if you get a response then, which is reasonable. I know sometimes I fail to notice I've received a text until I get another one. It's also possible she's busy or in class. But please, relax.

    • I'm sorry, I just realized you were asking whether you are annoying her by texting her, not whether you *should* annoy her. Haha. I don't think you are, I think it's possible (and highly likely) that she doesn't constantly have her phone attached to her hip, so if she gets wrapped up in something and leaves her phone lying somewhere where the vibrating or ringing goes unnoticed, she may not answer right away. Again, I'm sorry for misreading!

  • I don't think you're annoying her. Maybe she just had an errand to do and she may have been so busy that when she was done she forgot what she was doing before all of it...or maybe she has her phone on vibrate at all times so sometimes she can't feel her phone vibrating when she's received a text. Lol, trust me. I would know.

  • Funny, I just asked a similar question lol.

    Well, there's many possibilites.

    She may just be busy, trying to make you THINK she's not interested, get the text but forgotten to respond, didn't see that she got a text, doesn't want to seem over-eager, ect.

    But I doubt that you're annoying her. She's probably happy that you thought of her and wanted to text her, but got caught up in other things and forgot to text back.

  • Well as long as your not blowing up her texting then I don't see y you would be annoying her. Maybe she's busy or maybe she doesn't have her phone on her.

  • She is not interested. She gave you her number because she was bored. I do it sometimes. Drop her asap

  • if she was interested, she'd text back. clearly she's not.


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  • Have you stopped to think about why she may have stopped texting?

    This is what most likely happened:

    She was attracted to you, so she gave you her number in hopes of you taking the hint, and asking her out on a date. I have never once met a girl interested in casually texting each other for no reason..that was a hint!

    Now, as for her stopping in the middle of a conversation,

    she could be busy with:




    -Hanging with friends

    -Busy talking to parents

    or, is:

    -bored from texting you

    -tired of texting in general

    -giving up on you

    -more interested in someone else

    ..&many more possibilities!

    Now the last, and most important suggestion I give to you is to not annoy the girl!

    Pissing people off accomplishes nothing but making them very angry at you, rejection,

    threats from your friends..and so on. Think of it as "your negative action=her negative

    reaction." Women already have a tough life!"

    If you'd like to get to know her better, text her, or better yet-call her, and say something like:

    "all this texting is giving me a headache.. why not meet me for lunch at ___.(coffee shop,

    dessert place, your house for incredible home-made sandwiches..) Id like to get to know a

    little more about you."

    Saying this will show her that you actually do want to get to know her, and that you're

    not just some cellular nobody.

    The sooner you make the call, the less likely she will have given up on you and found

    another guy! Be the best man!

    Diamond Smith

  • Its not that predictable.. there is no one reason for her behavior.. like Annette83 said, any on of those options might be true.. but what you have to do is stop worrying about what she is doing.. Another possibility is that she gets your texts all the time, and feels like you are obsessed with her..

    So, when you text her and don't get anything or the conversation ends because she doesn't reply, then go about your daily business.. put your phone down man.. lol.. And I'm guessing she stopped the conversation more than once.. so next time, she stops texting, don't bother texting her until she does. Even if it takes a day or a week or a month.. just don't text her. She'll eventually text you if she has any interest in you. And don't take it the wrong way if she doesnt. Girls come and go.

  • Your being over-dramatic. If your texting her ten times a day, stop it. But if it's a simple text, just give her some time to reply. If she never does reply, then just move on.

  • ok ur no annoying her but


    she probable busy

    and go stalker by saying *durky voise* y aren't you answering my texts

  • i suggest just to do the same, give her the cold shoulder and don't text or call her. If she's ineterested she'll get ahold of you. keep in mind that if she does text or call you, don't be annoying by asking why don't you text me.

  • talk about something more interesting