What is this?!?? Hookup? Dating? A math equation?

Ok, I am uber confused.

I meet this guy (unfortunately) online. Spent around 4 hours iming each other until I gave him my number then an additional 2 hours over the phone. We set up for a tea date the next week. He called me the next day and asked me if I wanted to go for tea that day so we did. We ended up at his apartment and had sex.

I am NOT one for sex on the third date let alone the first, so I personally was a little disgusted with myself. I left the next morning and he called and texted me while I was helping a friend move in and spent that night talking until 5 in the morning. The next day he made me dinner and I spent the night again. That was a few days ago.

He is really affectionate and told me that sex wasn't a big deal, he would rather cuddle. He calls in the morning as a wake up call and calls me at night to say goodnight. This sounds like normal game it get into my pants to me. He was successful the first two times, but not again. I cut it off. The thing that is tripping me up is the constant communication. Calls when he gets out of work, when gets home, before bed, when he wakes up, whenever. It might come off as needy, but its not. That part seems like genuine interest to me, crap he even made me a "mixed tape" cd of songs he wants me to listen to while driving (ok that last part didn't have anything to do with it, but I thought it was cute).

So what is this? Are we starting to date? Does this sound like just sex? Is it a cure for a terminal illness, what is this?


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  • Sounds like the start of a relationship. Typically only sex will involve...well...only sex. He won't be calling you other than to set up the next sex session. However, do not assume then you are in a relationship. TALK TO HIM about this. Ask him where he sees the two of you right now and int he future.


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