I really like this girl in my class and wonder if I have a chance with her?

We met in theatre and dance class. We started hanging out a couple weeks after. She would call me in the morning before class starts so we would hangout and i would do the same. We go to see school plays too. Yesterday i picked her up and we went to starbucks, ate and talked to each other for a bit then went to go see a play. She also hugs me everytime she sees me. She hugged me twice before we parted ways for the night. She also told me about how she loves to write, and she even shared with me about what guys should do in order to get close to a girl, like eye contact.


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  • Yes just tell her you like her because she really likes you!

    • How can you tell?

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    • Also she likes when i pick her up sometimes too and stands really close to me sometimes. She also started wearing fake glasses now since i wear glasses. And also lets out her frustration about the people like her boss and employees about hitting on her.

    • She likes you make a move!

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