Great first date: messed up at the end?

I went out with this great girl a few days ago and the date when great. She was mirroring my movements, playing with her hair, dragging out the date etc. when I walked her back to her dorm, we only hugged and that was it. It was my first, first date and I really didn't know what I was doing. I know now that I should have kissed her. I know it didn't work out due to her not responding to my follow up text. I was thinking about getting her alone and saying something like "I know I messed up at the end of our first date, but maybe I can make up for that now" and then kiss her and see where it goes from there. Any oponions are great thanks :)


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  • Bad idea bro. If she likes you she isn't ignoring you because you didn't kiss her.

    Show continued interest and if she is into you then things will progress. But the best way to look clumsy is say you messed up. You didn't mess up. Many girls won't kiss on a first date. So chill out and move forward.


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  • You not kissing her didn't mess up the date. I think it's fine when you don't kiss on the first date. She may not be interested and that's why she hasn't responded. I think it's rude of her not to be straight up with you though.

    • That's the thing that's confusses me. She seemed like she was super interested. If she didn't seem interested I would understand no reply back.

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  • That's not a mess up. If you text what you suggest you will display insecurity and that's the worst thing you can do. I'd be more concerned what you might have said in your follow up text.

    • I keep it simple: "I had a great time yesterday! We should do it again sometime!"

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    • Using the phone to actually call and make a second date. But if you're going to text make it juicy. I'm a gentleman but it was hard to keep my hands off you. May I see you again on Friday .

    • Alright thanks!

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