So I hung out with the ex's sister last night at the pub , not sure where this is going?

so i was at the pub last night and ran into 2 girls i had meet previously but not seen for a little while as they were away at school . its kind of weird as the one is the sister of a previous ex gf who i broke up with last year . so although i know her fairly well we haven't really spent a lot of time together and sitting at a table together at pub last night was something unusual for us to do . but it all seemed good but dynamics a bit weird although it is a small town so normal that people sometimes know each other from past things like a former girlfriend . but this sister is also from what i know the main reason ex dumped me as she though i liked her body too much , she's very good looking and has above average sized boobs and tight body so she's very attractive . the ex had caught me checking her out before and got really annoyed , there was also an incident where she showed me her tragus piercing and wanted to show me her belly piercing but ex got all uncomfortable at time so she didn't .and although ex never said she was the reason i always though she was the reason she ended things

the ex wasn't at the bar last night so don't really know what she thinks of me talking to her sister , anyways sister is going back to school for a few more weeks and not back home till almost may so have some time to figure this out


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  • So you're asking if it was wrong or if she is interested in you?

    • just not sure where this is going? is it possible to be just friends with her after all that has gone on? what do you think she wants? I don't think it was wrong to talk to her and were both single , its just sort of a weird situation

    • I don't think her sister will like it

    • yeah I guess but as far is I know she is seeing someone else and doesn't really come out to the bar much anymore , last time I even saw her was January

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