Guys, how would I know if he likes me, if I can't trust the sign he's giving me?

I asked some time ago if this guy liked me. He stares all the time, no matter if I'm behind him, in front of him or far away or close up. He treat me differently, e.g. he won't talk to me, but he talks to all the other girls. He always look at me when something funny happens. I've noticed he sometimes take a last look at me before I or he leaves a place. He always sits so I'm in his sight line.

He did reject me a year ago (he liked someone else) and we've only met once within that year. Before he wouldn't care about if I was in his sight line or not. He wouldn't look at me if I was behind him. So some things has changed.

In my last question I was told some guys just do things like this, and therefore couldn't I trust the signs. But how would I know if a guy likes, if I can't trust the signs?


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  • As Mark Twain said: "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence: then success is sure". I think you shouldn't care about signs or anything else. If you like him ask him out or wait an eternity for him to ask you out. Boys ARE ignorant and don't get the signs so giving him signs would be a waste of time. If you are interested, do something.

    • He knows I liked him once. And since I did most of the work last time and got hurt, I'm not going to do much this time. I don't want to be embarrassed in front of him again.
      Thank you for the answer.

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