Im pretty sure this guy is simply using me.. How do I get out of it?

So this guy im talking to we were texting he said he's going to the gym im like ok hmu when you're done .. I go out he's there and he never fucking hit me ... So I'm pissed .. Then we get into an argument because I grab him and he didn't like it ... We're just fighting over dumb shit ... Anyways he went out without saying shit to me .. Isn't that fucked up ... And Then he's like are you coming over im like nah im going to sleep he's like this is where my trust issues coming like I'm just gonna be with someone else... So I go over he's mad because I don't want to sleep with him .. We fight for an hour about lord knows what then I ended up sleeping with him .. I just got up and straight up just left because he was up just shaking his leg super annoying .. Then I'm like why aren't you sleep .. He said he doesn't sleep easily which is funny cuz he's always sleep so he says .. I'm getting played aren't i .. How do I wnd things with this guy .. I really like him and im not a confrontational person he always sweet talks me to stick around but I think its clear I should leave how do I do it


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