Is there anyway to change a mans mind?

He says he likes me. Proves it whenever we are together by treating me with the up most respect and making it known that he only has eyes for me. Treats me like I am the center of his universe. Doesn't try to impress me though. He's always been true to who he was. And I admire him for that. I really like this guy. Have since day one. There was just an instant connection that I wouldn't even believe if I hadn't experienced it myself. Now he says we can't be together, solely because of the distance. We live almost two hours away from each other. He made it clear though that if I lived closer, we would most likely be together. Now, my question, is there any possible way I could change his mind? I really like him. Really want to make it work. However, will not uproot my life for him until we've had a solid relationship for awhile. The distance to me isn't a big deal. I'm best friends with his brothers wife who lives right next door to him so I am in town at least 3 times a month. I would go down more for his sake. Anyways, anything I can do to change his mind?


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  • Tell him what you said: you really want to make it work and that you're in town for 3 times a month.

    Now, I wouldn't propose you doing ALL the trips--that's stupid to me. He should be able to come up for some--but if that's what you want to do, tell him that.


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  • No, you can't make it work. Most long distance relationships don't work. You are having trouble moving on.


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