Should I apologize to her?

So there is a girl who is very unique. She rarely dates due to the fact that her ex was cheating on her throughout their whole relationship. So she basically has walls built up, just like me. I ended up somehow befriending her and it's weird because I rarely befriend or date girls. We first started out as fuck buddies, I basically led her on. I started ignoring her because she was developing feelings and I had another fuck buddy at the time. I apologized to her after she confronted me about it and she said it was okay that she understood. Somehow we became really close. I can honestly relate to her dude to our relationships in the past, she's the sweetest girl and I love talking to her, she's funny, and i love how I can be myself around her. Anyway one time I led her on again and we had sex again. I apologized to her and once again she said it was okay. We were still great friends, I opened up to her and she listened. I love the fact that she listens to me.Well recently I started talking to her more. I went over to her house to watch movies and it was great. No sex or anything except one part we cuddled and we almost kissed but she pulled away. She told me specifically not to flirt with her. For some reason I still did it. I called her pet names and we went on a movie and we cuddled and kissed and I even held her hand. No sex at all. Well one day she asked me what we were and I said I liked her but more as a good friend. She told me I shouldn't have kissed her and such and I apologized. She said it wasn't okay because she now felt humiliated and she was basically tired of going through this with me. She said she almost let her guard down for me. She was bitching me out. I apologized and she ended our friendship, she said she wants nothing to do with me. Now I feel bad and I don't know what to do.Should I apologize to her? It just feels weird not talking to her anymore.


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  • What's the point of apologizing to her when all you're gonna do is lead her on and not get with her again anyway?
    She has trust issues and you know it, yet you want to use her for when she lends her ears to you and also get physical with her.
    It seems clear she doesn't want to be just friends, or even if she does, she wants a distinctive line drawn between friends and anything else, aka you can't start initiating sex randomly.


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  • What do you expect when you lead a girl on like that? If she does forgive you again it'll take time. And if she does you bet your ass she'll make you work for it. You have to show her that you are truly sorry

  • It seems like you done enough, just leave her alone and let her be happy with someone else. She forgave you all those other times only for you to throw it In her face. Punishing her for liking you.. just leave her alone


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