What does it say about a guy who never has time for a girl, he so called likes?

He doens't even attemp to make time for me either, yet he tells me he really likes me and need me to be "patient" with him. I've been patient for 6 months and we only ever went out 3 times. Everytime I ask him what he's doing he seems to be quick to tell me he's busy with something so that I won't ask him to hang out. I just feel like he's selfish, I've told him how I felt and he basically blows me off and says, that I need to get my emotions in check. It's so frustrating. He's in his early 30's if that helps with advice.


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  • Three dates in six months? You're wasting your time with this one. Even the busiest people can find time for the people and things that really matter to them. This guy is letting you know through his behavior that you're not important to him. Next!

    • Thank you and that's what I told him, I said your actions say something different than your words. I'm tired and bored with his lies and bad behavior, I feel bad for the next chick that has to deal with him.

    • Exactly... let him be another girl's problem, not yours.

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  • yeah move on and ignore him. if he really does like you then he would make time for you no matter what. what a coward.

    • Coward he is indeed!

    • yup u deserve better :)

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  • 3 times in 6 months huh? Yeah, that doesn't fly. Do you two live far from each other or something? What's his living situation like? Something tells me there is something more going on here.

    • We live in the same small town! He doesn't have his own place but he has transportation.

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    • I'd say move on if your needs aren't being met.

    • I have :) thanks

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  • ugh, that really sounds like my ex including the age. lol people like that hardly changed no matter how loving and patience you put in, it won't be recognized nor appreciated.

    • Nope they never do. Throughout the 6 months we talked I broke things off with him on 3 sepraye occasions because I was just sick of him getting everything he wanted and ignoring what I wanted. Which was only a little quality time. When I accepted him back this third time he told me I deserved to be appreciated and he would show me that he appreciates me, and then he goes and disappears for a week. Like dude really. Lol I hope he changes his ways at least by 40

    • *separate

    • yes, that is a controlling and selfish behavior. I think they are not ready to be in serious relationship. And yah, by 40's or if there come a time that they will realize they need a family on their own, hopfeully they'll change. But, I've never seen one yet.

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