Guys, i'm a black female and I am into white guys and I keep being turned down by them. What am I doing wrong, is it my race?

I don't understand why when ever I try and ask a one of them out they turn me down. I get nervous when I'm with a guy that I like. I keep thinking it's because of my race. I just wanna know how to better myself


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  • I think that depends. There are lots of black women that white guys would go for. So, depending on your characteristics and what the white men in your vicinity are into, you might have a rough time or simply haven't met a good guy yet.

    • Yeah that could be a huge part of why.

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    • Georgia, and it's near Savannah and my major is nursing

    • You'll be fine I think.

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  • I don't think it has to do with your race, (unless he's a racist) but most likely it just happens the ones you met just simply weren't interested. It depends on each guy, keep looking for the right one.

    • Thanks my high school is fairly racist with exception to few

  • According to statistics, black women are the least desirable for ALL races of men including black

    • Why? Do you think

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    • Then I would date you like anyone else. However, the average white person, who is not racially integrated into the black community, might not see it so openly.

    • Well thanks for your honesty and insight.

  • I'll date you lol. I look white. You'll find someone don't worry.

  • I've seen some really gorgeous black women, but I have to admit they are a minority. That's coming from my personal preference, but most of the time I have to say I don't find a lot of black women physically attractive. To be fair, I live in an area where there are a lot of "ghetto fabulous" black girls, and the personality for any race is a huge turn off.


      That's someone I would consider an attractive black female.

    • I completely understand. I don't act like that at all and they know that. I just need to know what to expect I'm going to a majority white college.

    • Yeah she is attractive I'm like the same color but not as curvy.

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