How can I stop being afraid to talk to guys that communicate with me?

So if i see guys i don't fancy i avoid them.which is fine if i am not interested. But when i see guys i do like i do the same. I am totally quiet an if they talk i do not respond. I always think why is he talking to me.

I have it in my head that no guy would want to be my boyfriend so even though i want one. Out in the world i pretend i really don't. Its soul destroying an feels damaging to my demeanor.

I realised last week i constantly frown i saw myself at a bus stop as i looked in bus window i looked miserable an i was frowning but not for a real reason. An it made me think is that why people avoid me or after trying to talk do not attempt to after the first time.

It made me evaluate everything an think i need to change. I rarely smile, i get told by some people you always look stressed. An even my little niece says my aunt is grumpy. An she is just 6 so that really made me think omg no wonder i am single.

I can be very negative too. My ex bf dumped me.cus of it. So my confidence an everything has gone cus i got hurt badly now i am worried all.guys will see my rbf an think oh don't talk to her.

Inside i am a friendly, caring,loving family.girl but i need to portray it outside. I am scared to talk to guys an keep thinking nobody fancies me. Guys dont flirt or come over its usually staring, or a guy saying hello you alright. Its not up line right?

A shop keeper who I've seen be quiet with other customers spoke up after staring an was like hello you alright cus i fancy him i froze an said nothing. So he has no idea i like shyness, Rbf etc stops me.meeting guys or understanding when their interested

I want a family one day, an to be married. Im only 22 but i do wonder if it will happen. How can i forget being hurt, cheated on an played an have a good.relationship with a guy? I've met so many bad guys now i worryabout my judgment. I like a.guy n think he's a good.guy but i dont ttrust my judgment an he's probably a good guy after all.


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  • Dating and mating involves risks. You have approach guys with a smile or make yourself approachable. If you smile, make eye contact, and say hello guys will talk to you. You never know all that much about the other person so there is risk. If you are negative and frown, you are not going to get anywhere. It takes effort.


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  • You never know unless you try. It can be tough to trust a guy will truly care. If you don't put yourself out there you will always be stuck where you are at.


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