Long distance relationship?

When a guy claims to like you a lot but than says there is no chance for a relationship because of the distance, is he being serious or is this just a common excuse to get out of a relationship? He really does act like he likes me. Every time we are together he stays by my side the entire night. Even with other single, more attractive women around. He gets ahold of me often. Always keeps in contact. Comforts me on my worst days and I'm the first person he goes to when he's excited about anything (such as getting another tattoo or fixing his truck up). Now this whole "it won't work because of the distance" quote he threw at me the other day, is this just an excuse or is he being real right now?


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  • I do think that he likes you, and because of that, he tried to let things continue. But LDR's aren't meant for everyone, and maybe he just can't deal with it.


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