I've been hooking up with this guy for a year?

I matched with this guy off of Tinder and we saw eachother that night to hook up. Im 20 he's 22. We thought we were never going to see eachother again, but we were so attracted to eachother we started seeing eacother almost every week for several months. We went out sometimes, but we enjoyed staying in, having a smoke and listening to great music. Around Nov- Dec was a period we stopped seeing eachother just randomly, and since Christmas break he's wanted to start seeing me again. But this time, he started only texting to see me once a month to hang out.. it just wasn't the same anymore.

The other week when I saw him he acted kind of rude compared to the other times. The next day I casually asked pointed it out and asked him if everything was cool and he said "Yeah it's all good"Then a week later (which I was surprised to hear from him in a weeks time at this point) he said "Hey Sexy what are you doing tomorrow night?" So I saw him again. He was much better this time and we started talking about food/restauramts at one point and I was telling him about this cool Greek restaurant close by (he's half Greek). He said that sounded so cool. I'm in the middle of doing finals/exams in college and he told me to let him know when I'm finishing because he wants to go to the restaurant.

So I've never had a "hook up" type relationship last a year.. especially one thats been so consistent. and now next time we're suposedly going out to that restaurant. He's never pointed out he likes me or anything either, we never talked about our feelings. What should I do when I text him next? and why has he been sticking around for so long?


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  • He likes you and is enjoying what you guys have and doesn't wants to ruin it by making it official


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