Girls, if you ask a single girl you get on well with for coffee, what's the chances they'll say yes?

Realistically are they more likely to say no or yes?

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  • 10-30%
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  • 30-50%
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  • 50-70%
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  • 70-100%
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on whether or not she likes you like that. there's no way to say what percentage of a chance there is. We don't know if she likes you.

    I swear people on here just get... slower and slower

    • So the chances are quite low purely statistically.

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    • Why not. You can put a number on anything.

    • Bc I dont know if she likes you.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I said 50%-70% because I don't like coffee so it really depends on the person xD

  • It depends if I like him. I got guys who asked me out for coffee and I know they expect more so I turn them down. But there's this guy who I like asked me for coffee and I said yes.

  • More likely to say yes I think, I mean you're not proposing to them it's just for coffee.

    • Really? That's a surprise.

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