How to conquer the sexual tension?

This guy and I have lived in the same dormitory since our freshman year. We've always been friends (not super close though), and are in the same social circle on campus. We made-out once freshman year (nothing more than that), and things got a little awkward after, then he got into a relationship with another girl, which didn't last long and ended about a year ago. Our friendship has gotten a lot stronger since he broke up with her (we're now rising seniors), and I do know he likes me, based on his comments to me, the way he looks at me, and my photos he likes on facebook. He'll even sit near me sometimes in a class we have together. I'm sure he knows I like him back, because I flirt back. The problem is that we are both very shy and cannot get passed this sexual tension barrier that I feel between us. I tend to be a little reserved and old-fashioned, I like having the guy pursue me...I'm also afraid of rejection, or making things awkward between us again (although I hope we're mature enough by now).

How can I get him to ask me out? Should I be the brave one and take the initiative?


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  • If its been so long, i think you could maybe ask him if you guys wanna go do something casual... it might be awkward but it can't be worse than the constant feeling of not knowing right? Maybe dont say anything like "date" but just a friendly coffee or something


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