Should I move on or try and work it out?

I have been friends with this guy for 5 months we dated for a week and I ended it because he was saying he wanted a break but we only dated a week and in that week he didn't like walking me places and didn't wanna be seen with me but he did allow me around his friends and always claimed I was his girlfriend looking back I kind of think i ended it too sudden but I didn't want to get hurt we started texting again an building up a friendship like before but now feelings are coming back and I might wanna try again maybe this time was the break he needed but I dont know if I am making a good decision please help me any opinion is great


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  • Trust me, I've unfortunately used this tactic before... he just wants you on his "roster" Or "spank book", basically he wants you to be his booty call.


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  • He sounds a like a douche! He didn't wanna be seen with you? Girl, you need to be with someone that flaunts you and is proud to be with you! You deserve better, don't waste your time on him!


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  • I think you should move on... his behavior you disliked won't change

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    • No problem. I was in this situation before, and I got back with the guy, and the relationship was waaaay worse than it was the first time. Don;t make my mistake :P

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