Lately my bf ignores certain texts from me and writes something else. Why would he do that?

For example, yesterday I was telling him about about a TV show and asking him if he had seen it. He said no and asked if I recommended it, and I told him I hadn't seen it in years but loved it in the past. The next day I sent him a link that I found that had an amusing way of describing the show. We had also jokingly talked about how we can stop a guy we know from leveling up in a phone game we play. I joked that our only choice is to kidnap him and my bf said,"He would probably enjoy that" (An inside joke) This morning , the guy wrote on group chat that he was pretty sure he narrowly avoided being jumped and mugged. So I sent my bf the screenshot of the chat, and commented "The first thing I thought of was that it was another player trying to keep him from leveling up, not a mugger." All he wrote was "Good afternoon gorgeous, hope you had a safe trip". Didn't acknowledge the article OR the thing about the guy. It's so unlike him to do that. It was like having a convo with an auto reply. Felt horrible like he simply doesn't care what I say sometimes. The last time it happened, I told him about a job I applied for and how I just found out my current company was buying out the place I applied at. He wrote,"Good morning." I wrote "You don't think that's weird at all?" He wrote,"Yeah, that's crazy. Sorry, busy morning." I saw him on chats so I knew he wasn't THAT busy. What could his deal be?


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  • Something that may have made him uncomfortable to talk about , or he could have felt it could somehow lead to conflict. ( yet the subjects you used for reference should not have fallen under either of the examples I have

    • Yeah especially the time I applied for a job only to find out that my current company was buying it out. For him to just talk about something else hours later was mind boggling. And when I wrote,"You don't find that bizarre at all?" He added "Yeah, it doesn't happen very often." And even THAT reply seemed so meh. I don't get it.

    • No I agree. It would make me feel his reply was actually not intended for me , but someone else and he all of a sudden realized who he was talking to

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  • Ask him why. Maybe he doesn't consider them important.


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