Girls, am I a racist if I don't prefer to date black girls?

If you want to put a label on it then I am one of the "whitest" black people you will ever meet. Yes I am black but I have never dated a single black girl in my life. Short one inch ponytails and weave all are a turn off for me. I do not like it when they do not use complete words and complete sentences. I hate it when they clap for every syllable. I do not want to stereotype so let me say this: Those types of black girls are the only ones I have really been exposed to. I haven't found any that I would consider dating. The search hasn't ended but I am more likely to date a white or Hispanic girl (not to say that there aren't girls of these races that use incomplete sentences). If you haven't figured it out, I do not choose a girl just because she has large boobs or a nice butt.
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I am currently dating a black girl. :)


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  • Your not racist. Your allowed to have preferences and you don't have to explain yourself.

    I hope you meet a non-stereotypical black girl in real life who can change your perception of us. We really aren't ALL like that.

    Like you, I've only been exposed to the stereotypical black guys. I live in a predominantly white community.

    • Yes! You understand!!

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    • I made certain not to in my paragraph.

    • I could tell. That's why i said your not racist.

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  • You like what you like, and that's fine. :) If you found a black girl, who wasn't the type u described u didn't like, would u date her?

  • You're attracted to what you're attracted to, unless you're turning girls down based only on their skin color I don't think you're racist.

    • No trust me I don't. I take time toto at lest try to get to know them but if they don't really use complete sentences or have any of those turn offs, I move on.

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    • In other words he's not saying all black women are unintelligent. He's saying he's not attracted to black women. Not everyone is attracted to every race. It doesn't make you racist just because you find black, white or blue skin attractive.

    • Or unattractive.

  • You are allowed to have your own preferences!
    I'm all for interracial dating, (my boyfriend is white) as long as you don't bash black women.
    I'm guessing your mother is a black woman... is she also like the type of black women you described.
    Not all black girls are the same.
    I'm not loud, rude, wear weaves, clap my syllabus uneducated and an aspiring medic.

  • you are racist because of the negative stereotypes you assign to black women, and the positive ones you assign to nonblack women. i highly doubt you have been exposed to very many black people because you have that "special snowflake" mentality that a lot of sheltered minorities have. also you are not a prize and i dont know too many black girls who would want to date a self-proclaimed "white" black guy with no sense of pride in his own race. you are probably the type of black person who lets his white friends say n** around him and laughs at black jokes

    • You have me completely wrong. Do not stereotype me. I hope you saw the update because I am dating a wonderful black girl. Also, do not say I act "white". I am me and you cannot change who I am. The last time I checked, I am still black.

    • I did see the update. I don't dislike you but I disliked what you said, but I see you met a girl who's changed your mind about things. I'm happy for you

  • Well im black and nothing like youve described. My hair is naturally long , i understand syallables, i understand stand you say you aren't in it for "looks" but judging a girl by her hair is looks. im "white" because i speak proper English . Most black girls do. It has a lot to do with how you were raised. I dont believe its surrondings because im from detriot. Otherwise if im talking or acting like a "black girl" then i shoule be loud and have a weave right? Wrong. It's ok for you to have preference but please dont put all black girls in the same boat. It's natural you feel this way based on what youve seen and what the media has been serving the world on the perfect woman. I encourage you to get to know a girl regardless of what she looks like, get to know her personality. Most people assume im ghetto because im black but once they talk to me they realize im just like them. Most black aren't ghetto. But love who ya wanna its 2015 #teamswirl

  • You're not racist, it's just your preference


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