Kind of a stupid question but it's about nationality?

So my dad is albanian and do are his parents. They were all born there. My mom was born in Croatia and her parents in Albania I think. Actually maybe the dad croatian
does this make me 50/50
or what
my dad gets mad when I say Iam.


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  • Yes it makes you 50% Albanian and 50% Croatian. Why does it even matter.


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  • According to the Croatian constitution, any child of a Croatian parent has has Croatian nationality.
    The Albanian constitution says that a person born in Albania and/or from Albanian parentage is Albanian.

    If you talk about ethnicity, that's another story.

  • Why does it matter anyway?

    • It matters to me?
      Why do you care that I care?

    • Okay then, I'd consider you Croatian based on your upbringing.
      What ethnicity do you feel you are?

  • You're definitely Albanian if your mother's parents are Albanian as well. Your mother's ancestry is also Albanian, she was just born in Croatia.

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