What's wrong with me?

I guess it's more of general category instead of dating but I'm really upset because I have a problem with socializing it makes me sad because I feel awkward. For example my sister throws huge parties with her friends and I stay in my room because I hate socializing with people in that setting it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't know why it's so hard for me. But it really upsets me I'm not sure what to do.. I don't even have a lot of close friends like I should .. I want to be outgoing but I'm not.. I'm not awkward in normal situations more just parties mainly because I don't drink or smoke anyways.i just feel like I'm always gonna be lonely


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  • You dont have to go on parties all the time just because your sister does. Im sure you might seem shy compared to a person who is extremely outgoing, I'm more like you than your sister. I'm never socially awkward when I'm around nice people who have nice personalities.


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  • I think I know how you feel.
    I have anxiety and I really struggle to maintain friendships. Partys are normaly out of the question.
    my closest person is my boyfriend because he takes the time to understand that I struggle with people.
    it is really upsetting and I go through cycles of depression because of it (thankfuly only lasting a week at most) and social settings are always stressful.
    I also have a friend whos stuck with me since year 1, so im lucky in that regard too.

    there is nothing wrong with you per se, you've got social anxiety and that's hard to deal with.
    it sounds like its bothering you so my top suggestion would be to see a psychologist and get some strategies to overcome the anxiety.

    a general rule is to do the things that make you feel awkward. get out in the party and find a way to talk to people that leaves you feeling ok by the end of it. basically just starting a conversation with a random. it doesn't have to go anywhere important and it doesn't have to mean anything. just practice and figure out what people respond well to. e. g asking people about themselves. how they ended up at the party


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  • If you open up a bit and stop THINKING you're not socializing, that might help... Some people are just introverts though, do whatever feels right

  • I would recommend counselling or therapy.


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