Trying again to ask this girl out after several failed attempts prior?

There is this girl who I am attracted to at my church, but prior to this I have made several attempts to ask her out. Every single time she gave me some excuse or just flat out rejected me. We are still cordial to each other, but then there are other times when she just very happy to see me.

As for the reason why she is rejecting me I think goes way back to when I was younger approx 20 or 21, when her best friend was interested in me. I had asked her best friend out and when I got to the date, the best friend brought the girl I am trying to talk to now with her. In that situation I freeked out and didn't know if I should pay for both of them or not. So in the end I didn't pay for either, I was young and stupid (this is was second and the last time that happened. The other was kind of different story, but same result and the girl bolted after that. Ever since then that has never happened and years have passed by and the best friend of the girl I am trying to talk to now is engaged. Yet it seems like she has never gotten over it. To tell you the truth I still kick myself for the two times it happens to me. Since then I have gotten older and wiser, yes I still working on getting a career (I am trying to get into pharmacy school, which I might have to wait an additional year to try and reapply). I am working and going back to school in the meantime so I am not a total bum. Yet I still wonder if I should even try again. I keep telling myself that if she is really interested she would make a move since I have tried numerous times and she has rejected me (it had gotten to the point I eventually deleted her number from my phone a while back, which was approx. 1 1/2 years ago.).

So basically I need advice on whether if I should try again with this girl?

P.S. Her best friend still lives in the area and goes to the same church that the girl I am int


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  • I don't mean to discourage you dude; I know sometimes you just like who you like, but honestly, the writings kind of on the wall with this one. She's just not into you. It's easy to sit and try to analyze what's happening or what could be happening between you two, but none of that matters when the answer is in plain site. Just leave it alone and move on. There's other fish in the sea, bro.


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