How to get her back?

Im trying to get back with my girlfriend who broke things off. Should i act like its no big deal and keep communication to a minimum or should i start texting/flirting with her.

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  • Both. Be honest but don't be overbearing. Text her but show restriction. Flirt but don't flirt too much. Just be cool but don't make her think you aren't interested in doing so.


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  • try being honest/real. did she give you a reason why she broke it off? maybe try being better at that, if possible.

    • She just said she couldn't be in a relationship right now, which leads me to beleive that she didn't want to tell me what was really going on

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    • But do you feel that way about your ex boyfriend?

    • yes. unless I end up despising him, I'll still care about him like a friend.

  • Why not simply ask her back? Why did she break things off? I would fix that issue first.


What Guys Said 1

  • basically how do U feel?

    • I feel like i have to get her back somehow. She's not big on texting but she also has been avoiding me so I don't know

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