Is he pulling away or ignoring me?

so I've been dating a guy for around 3 weeks now. we used to text every day, he always texted me first , sent me daily good morning and good night texts and texted me throughout the day even when he was at work. well he also told me he really likes me, that i'm beautiful, gorgeous, etc.
he told me lots of personal things and i told him as well. then i told him (indirectly) that i really really like him 4 days ago when he went back home to romania to visit family over the Easter holidays.. since the day he left he completely ignored my texts.
i always see that he obviously read my whatsapp messages but he always chose not to reply.. so i asked him if i said sth wrong or which could have made him run away but he even ignored this text.. haven't texted him after that anymore.. so what shall i do now? did he lose interest in me? is he just very busy (this would ibviously be a lie then since he also gad time to text when ge waa at work)? Does he need space? Did he just pull away?
why do some guys actually pull away some times and is it always a negative reason begind that?
its so hard to keep myself from texting him more but i dont wanna come across as needy...
Guys, What is going through your mind when you're starting to ignore a girl?

How can i make him chase me?


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  • HE isn't ready to fully commit to feelings emotionally and romantically. Don't get your hopes up any more than what you have. Im not saying to stop contacting him but don't contact him that much.
    Do what you can to meet other people and not let your feelings that could possibly be one sided destroy you.
    If its obvious that he is reading them and not responding every time then its possible that he just wants to feel the enjoyment of having that power to fool with your emotions. I know because I am a DUDE and I've done it. I've done it a lot when I've been extremely hurt by women and then git to take revenge on women who actually didn't deserve it because a woman who I liked a lot and didn't deserve my feelings hurt me.
    It might be power or possibly for reasons why he hasn't responded back to you by coincidence that heir might just be a logical innocent reason behind him not responding to you.
    But really... Don't spend anymore time wondering. Let life continue for you and see where it takes you from there. If he contacts you then you have a choice from that pont whether or not to pursue it

    • yeah really weird cuz when i woke up today i just saw 5 texts from him so mabey either it was sth because of his family visit on the weekend or he has got some good excuses why he didn't texted me.. he's back in London today though but i wonmt reply right away anyway!

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    • he also either ignored or didn't understand /read the message i sent last thirsday where I've told him that i really really like him...
      so what am i supposed to do now? tell hom again? not tell him again?

    • Well, just let it roll off your back for now but if it continues then don't waste your time. See what you can do for yourself to stay happily centered and successfully content

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  • how to make him chase you? Stop texting him. Don't contact him at all. Eventually he'll start to wonder what you're doing and that's when it will start but you must leave him alone for this to happen - cuz if you're texting him then he already knows whart you're doing. Unfortunately young guys' interest are fleeting and seems like he's pulling back. doesn't mean he no longer likes you, just means he'll get bored easily. Don't let it get to you tho cuz its not you, its him! Just leave him alone and give him his space and he may come back around. And act like you couldn't be happier with life! The worst thing you could do is keep bothering him and let him see you sulking over him - so don't do that!!

    • well he's 28 so he should be mature enough to know what he wants

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    • and his "excuse" was: "sorry for the lack of response, i didn't really have time to do anything for myself."
      not sure what i should think about this..

    • he also either ignored or didn't understand /read the message i sent last thirsday where I've told him that i really really like him...
      so what am i supposed to do now? tell hom again? not tell him again?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Awww well I'm sorry he's acting this way.
    He is obviously not that Into you or he wouldn't be able to resist no contact.
    Do you know him well? Maybe he has a girlfriend or is chatting to other women?
    In any case there are guys around that would chase you the way you want and deserve :)

    • he ALWAYS texted me every day, sent a daily good morning and good night text and he always was the first one to text me and the lack of his communication/texting started after he went to Romania 4 days ago and when i told him on Thursday that I really like him.
      but he actually said it first like he said "you know i like you and i'm interested in you. i want to fet to know you."

What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe he is confused

  • He probably neeeds spaces to get his thoughts together after you told him you really like him, or he could have a gf in Romania?

    When's your guys' birthday?

    • His birthday is in November (dont know the exact date though) but he's living and working in London and didn't mention anything about a possible girlfriend. All i know is that he broke up with his ex girlfriend in Autumn 2014..

    • *a possible girlfriend in Romania

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