Do I have a right to be upset if the guy I've been dating for 8 months doesn't ask me out for 3 weeks?

We've been dating for 8 months.He works all week so he's only free on weekends.He didn't ask me out with him these last 3 weekends.Is it wrong that I'm very upset?:(He spent the last 3 weekends home and didn't even go out,could've at least invited me.But contacts everyday!


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  • why didn't you ask him if you wanted to go out? you've been dating for months already. waiting for him to initiate things at this point is just silly.

    • Causr whenever i ask to. hangout he makes excuses not to. And we're not in a committed relationship cause he has commitment issues:(

    • you're wasting your time on him then. accept defeat and move on to a guy who wants the same things you want.

  • Yes, you have the right to be upset! Basically, he didn't want to see you for 3 weeks... wow.
    The fact that he still contacts you every day is strange. I bet this over text (lazy method) vs. actually taking the time to call you and make a connection.
    Do you ever ask him out though?

    • Thabks for your answer. I do but the last times i did, he made excuses and couldnt hangout so i gave up.

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