So I hung out with ex's sister for a bit and wondering what ex will think?

nothing much really happened , i ran into her and this other girl that i'm friends with at this pub i go to and talked to them for a bit and sat at a table for a bit as well . i haven't really talked to the ex in a while and last time i saw her she was seeing another guy . as for her sister i know her only really cause we have a couple bars in common that we go to and she also has worked at that pub before . and she's away at school but back home in a few weeks so might see more of her then .the sister is far as i know is single and good looking . ex will no doubt have heard by now that i ran into her sister and we talked , not sure what she'll think of the whole thing . or if she'd be cool with us being friends or not


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  • Well I don't know. I am not your ex. Most likely she wouldn't really care seeing as she has a new man.


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