I have a tough time "reading" girls on dates?

I'm a fairly good catch. I am NOT trying to be cocky, I've just been told by women that seem to have a lot going for me: attractive, well educated (Master's degree), interesting and sucessful job, etc.

I do have trouble "reading" a girl during a date. Is she having fun, is she into me? I have no idea.
I went on a date the other night and the girl told me "I had a lot of fun. I'm glad we did this."
That was great to hear, but she awkwardly left 10 minutes later (and this is at 10pm) she left to meet her "gay friend." I was very caught off guard.

I'm confused why someone would do that on the first date.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It probably just got awkward and she didn't want to spoil the entire date, but if your are confident you will. be fine and just notice hos she's acting if she's figity around her head and shoulders then she uncomfortable but if she's not she relaxed


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  • Dating is a numbers game. Just because you're rejected doesn't necessarily mean you did anything wrong. Women will tell you they had a great time, but then you can't get them on the phone for a second date. If the words and the actions don't agree, the actions will tell you what you need to know. For the example you gave, her behavior wasn't the most polite way to end a date, but she may be interested in another date. You won't know until you call her up and ask her out.


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