Why did he make the comment?

Tried to contact my boyfriend yesterday morning via text. No response. Then 5 hours later, I sent him one and asked if he would call whenever he had a moment. He called immediately. In the conversation, he made the comment that it was not like he was not going to call me for a month! (BTW, he calls me every 4 to 5 days. Sometimes longer periods of time goes by before he iniates contact. If I call him, I feel like I have bothered him.) Why did he make such a comment! It is not like I blow up his phone constantly. (I was at his house a couple of weeks ago and he received a text and responded right away. Pissed me off to say the least. He works out of town a lot so I just thought it was one of his friends or someone from work. Still pissed me off because of the way he makes me feel regarding text messages that I send.) What's up with the comment?


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  • I'd be pissed to if he replied back immediately for someone else but not me. It's like he's treating you second class. My translation of the comment is you're not a top priority but you're on the list.

    • Thanks for your comment. I do agree with your statement. I have felt for a while now that I am not top priority for him. Yet, he calls me a girlfriend and also wants to have a child with me. Aggravating to say the least. He invites me up to his home a couple of weeks ago and after I had been there for an hour or so, wants to know if I am ready to leave! What a jerk! To be honest, I am ready to leave. I am ready to leave this self-centered relationship behind. I have given all I can. All he does is take. Never gives in return. (Unless of course, it is his body.) Thanks again.

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  • Wait, he's your boyfriend and he only calls you every 4-5 days? Why so infrequent?


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