Why am I feeling so lost and confused?

Cut a long story short I met a man 18 months ago it started of as fun but now we both have deep feelings for each other , today I've cried so much because I am confused , I have tried to leave and forget him but why can't I do this ? He tells me he loves me , I'm part of him , he cares about me etc ...he sends me romantic songs , when we are together he hugs me and we connect it's weird , it's like we have known each other for years , The thing is he has a gf ! I'm feeling helpless and weak , I hate myself but I can't help but love him what do u do


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  • Shhhhhh I don't want my gf to find out how madly I am in love with you... I love you sooooo much I cannot sleep without a fat splif, BUT I will not leave my gf for you because I love her "maybe more or less you will never know"... I have you by the balllllss girl... and I play the same fucking songs with my gf... and a few other girls because I know how to play with your emotion. When I have you then I wil send the same fucking songs to the next beautiful girl... awwwww are you not in love by now?

    Blondgreeneyes... amazing how he plays his gf behind her back but he will not let her go... what if you were her gf and he was madly in love with another girl? you do the math.

    • Why would someone want to play with someone's emotions what do they get out of it?

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    • Maybe once month

    • He is good and he is still with his gf and he still sends you love songs... and you are stillllll in love with this guy because you are hoping he will leave his girl for you... why should he? he is getting the sex from you his gf and probably a few others he shares the same song collection with... have you tried someone single or do you enjoy sharing and being second?

      I am jealous because this guy is "GOOD" (just like Jim Carry said in Bruce Almighty)... and he even tells his fuck buddies he has a gf... whats next? tell his gf he has a fuck buddy? I bet she knows. AND I bet his gf is your friend.

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  • put him straight! tell him u can't do this! he has a girlfriend!

    • It's like he doesn't want to lose me , and when I try to leave he tells me he's upset , then that makes me feel worse

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    • tell him u are leaving, end of!

      tell him he has to tell his gf or u will if he doesn't let u leave

    • When I try to end it he makes me feel sorry for him then he will say we have a connection and I thought everything was fine between us and you was happy , etc it's very hard

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