How do you ask out a girl?

I mean like if you're shy and never done it before. I have twice but rejected both times. What way is best/most effective on a girl?


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  • What way did you ask the other two times? It was probably fine - just hard luck.

    • 1st. I was wondering if you want to start a relationship with me?
      2nd I told I liked but she was creeped out despite her excessive flirting.

    • The first one you overshot a lot, asking a girl off the bat if she wants to start a relationship will make any girl worth dating freak start with something simple like hanging out at

    • She was acting like she loved me tho. Thanks

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  • You say " doooo youuuu wantttt to hanggggg withhhhh mehhhhh?" O. O

    • And what are their possible ways of responding to that?

    • "Yeah if I can".
      You should specify the day too.
      That's how I asked my crush out the first time, I just said "do you want to hang out on Sunday" and she said "if I can" and then that didn't work but eventually we hung out based off of that.

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  • Ask her to go see a movie, have coffee or maybe go to an amuzement park

  • then... try online dating maybe?

    • I have, someone really unattractive, clingy and annoying came along and didn't know the definition of no.

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