Confused about how I feel about this guy?

I met this guy a week ago and in that time we've been on 4 dates. Everything feels so comfortable and easy. I like spending time with him. Usually I'm a shy person with people I don't know well, but with this guy, I feel like I can be completely myself and it's can just talk to him about anything. We've not even slept together yet as I told him I liked him and wanted to wait. He told me he liked me too and didn't want me to think he just wanted sex so was happy to wait until I was ready. The reason I'm confused is that usually (to be really honest) I get kinda obsessive over guys and get jealous pretty easily. With this guy, I don't feel that at all. I don't know if it's because he's constantly making it clear that he likes me (like texting me to tell me he's been thinking about me all day) or if it's because I don't actually like him like that. Does it need more time? I'm really confused.


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  • Or you could be maturing as a person.


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