Should I text this guy who thought I blew him off?

Met him at a mixer. Was a little tipsy. He got my number and was texting me. I didn't always answer immediately Bc I was hung up on stuff. But I did reply.

a fww few weeks later saw him again at another event. He said when are you free. Why don't you text me this time because you never answer me. I told him school will be clearer in a few weeks aka now. Should I text him?


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  • Yeah he's annoyed because you aren't being clear about how interested in him you are and he doesn't want to be the annoying guy who can't take a hint so he's basically putting the ball in your court and saying 'If you like me, text me. If you don't then don't and I'll take the hint'.

  • Give it a try. However, if I were advising him I'd tell him to blow you off.


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