So why can't I get a girlfriend?

Well if I go to the oppinions I have gotten here I'm not ugly( I think I am but here they have said I'm not)

Then if its not that then why am I always single? I'm not desperate or anything but I'm about to be 27 and I'm s**t out of luck with women. Only (I apologize in adanvace) fat and unattractive girls and gay guys hit on me which is really uncomfortable for me. I'm usually nice and politely refuse their advances.

I'm in college getting my masters, have a part time job and I started an online business. I'm not really shy, pretty social, easy to talk to, polite to everyone around me, My female friends say that I'm fun and interesting. then whats the problem? I'm not looking for some insanely hot girl either I typically like cute awkward girls for the most part.

I also work out a bit and try to stay healthy I just want to know what my issue is to work on improving on it


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  • Do you approach women, flirt and attempt to put yourself out there to find one? Maybe even try just playing it cool.. like go talk to them but make no advances just come off as a genuinely interesting guy. That usually makes them wonder if you like them/find them attractive (wwhich you probably do but your not showing all your cards) and they will be iinterested and open a door to getting to know each other.

    • I can meet people in general pretty easy most my friends are hot girls actually like extremely hot, some are average girls too. i typically never tend to like the typical hot girls I usually like the nerdy/ awkward girls and I'm not one bit awkward. I'm not sure on how to actually flirt but no I dont really ask girls out or flat out tell them I like them

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    • So maybe you have to try something new. Step out of your shell and flirt and tell the chick you like her. Girls in their early 20s still like to play games... Guys usually give up too easily. If you got such hot friends practice flirting with them.. even if they don't know your doing it.. at least you can see what reactions you get to help you figure out what they like to hear/see.

    • well I dont really know how to flirt and my hot firned usually grab my butt -.-

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  • I've also never had a girlfriend. Are you wealthy? If not, this is unfortunately the issue. Women in their 20's are gold-diggers and only want rich guys, ESPECIALLY in college.

    Good luck! You're preaching to the choir man.

    • dude just no, not all women are gold diggers try to chill o.0

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    • @Kidanis Well if American girls are more laid back than Puerto Rico, then remind me to never never never never go to Puerto Rico. Ever. Because almost every American girl I come across is a stuck up snob.

    • I seriously wouldn't recomend anyone comming to puerto rico at all lol

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  • The next thing on my mind is a height issue. Is it that?

    • I'm actaully taller than most girls here I'm 5'9" not tall but also not short

  • who cares? you have your health. since you are advancing in your career a woman is not your priority at the moment...

    • I do wanna get married and have kids at some point that is not when I'm like 60

    • most marry at 35 today. you have a lot of time..

    • I also dont want to be sexless and just because I get a girl doesn't mean I'm gonna put my carreer aside

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