Why does my ex say this to me? does he still have some feelings for me?

my ex told me not to date anyone. he's not controlling or anything but when i mentioned how i was gonna go on a date he kept asking who? he's like fine don't tell me then it's fine and then the next day i told him. he then said yeah im not going to be dating for a long time and neither should you. you should give yourself you time. and we hung out i said you don't like me now and you won't in the future he looked at me in all seriousness and said you don't know that. and then i said well you probably won't talk to me anymore he's like i love hangin out with you i will never want to stop hanging out with you, you are a really cool person to be around. a few nights ago i mentioned when i was with him i was hoping he would have feelings for me again one day but i don't see that day coming. he said my name then said i told you... then last night i asked him something he said don't date i told you that. but ok if he's over me (which he never said) then why did he say don't date? oh also a few weeks ago i told him something and he said if a guy doesn't accept you for who you are then he doesn't deserve you. why doesn't he want me to date anyone?


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  • Just sounds like his clinging onto you as much as he can. Like he doesn't want to lose hanging out with you. He may still have feelings for you.

    How long have you guys split up for?


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  • Yes, he does still have feelings for you!


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