Would it bother you if your significant other did this? Am I out of line to feel uncomfortable?

My boyfriend spends all of his time with one particular girl. (Let's call her Kelly) They are close friends, they dated before but obviously are not now, and I am uncomfortable with how often they are together. In the last 4 days alone, he was with her every day. I would ask him what he was up to and I would get "going to a movie with Kelly", "hanging in town wih Kelly", "fishing with Kelly", or today he spent all of Easter with her and her family. I'm jealous of their connection. She is a super pretty skinny blonde. I'm simply jealous of how much time he spends with her. I know they are good friends, but this seems extensive. Would this bother you?
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The problem is I know they are super good friends. It got 3 times worse when he asked me if I want to spend prom night with her too 😔 😣


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  • Well if my gf would spend more time with a guy... i would be done with her... i have a friend who had a hf and he spends most of his time with his gf... and less with friends...
    So if he is spending more time with her then something is wrong... You might wanna breakup with him


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  • Yes it would very much bother me. He spent time with her even in Easter , her and her family. I can understand friendships, but my goodness, I feel as if you and that girl should switch roles there... Because he belongs to u not her... ❤️

    • U should ask him why he is spending so much time with her. U will eventually reach the point to say something for peace of mind sweety☺️ Else it will drive u kookoo, even more

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    • Is ok... I have been in situations like urs. They may have known each other for a longer amount of time, and u guys have not been together long. But u are his girlfriend, and he is with u for a reason. If he cares about ur feelings he will listen to u and mind how u feel. :) tell him how u feel, and that I understand that u guys are only best friends.

    • U* not I

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What Guys Said 3

  • I would ask my SO for permission to do those things, if he doesn't then i would try your hardest to rat him out to do so

  • Hel yeah I would bother me. Its time to do somthing

  • Yes, it is annoying.


What Girls Said 4

  • Kelly needs to back the fuck off from your boyfriend.

  • Good friends my ass. I don't even spend that much time with my best friend.

    Yes , that would definitely bother me ,

  • My name is Kelly and I'm blonde hahahaha. But I would definitely talk to him about it and if nothing changes give him the boot. No guy should give a girl that isn't his girlfriend more of his time or attention than her.

  • I'm in the exact same situation girl. It hella bothers me. I don't know what to do about it and all my friends say is "dump him" . It's not really helpful.

    This Kelly person does need to back tf off your man. I don't trust that "best friend" bullshit or none of that stuff😏 by the way he is with her, there's something more than just 'good friends' going on.


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