Guy Texted Me Before Work/Just woke up? Why?

So This guy who told me he has feelings for me texted me after 6am,after waking up before going to work,does it sound like he woke up thinking about me,and I was on his mind?Does it sound like he has strong feelings for me?Also If someone turns to you when they have problems,and the say they need to talk to you,why do they want to talk to you but not there friends


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  • A guy use to do that to me. They just want sex or maybe they have to much time in there hand or maybe they care about you.

    • we are long distance

    • i know it phone sex or sex picture or whatever up today.

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  • I doubt he woke up thinking of he. He probably woke up because he had to take a shit, and since you make him feel shitty, he was like, "Oh. I should probably text you."

    . . .

    You already know the answer to the question your asking--why do you need reassurance? He likes you. Period.



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