My crush pays more attention to his guy best friend?

I met my crush a week ago or so and we've gone on a few dates including a very nice dinner. We also had a very nice make out session late one night so we're on the road to possibly dating. But today I hung out with him and his guy best friend/room mate and he paid WAY more attention to him than me. They had tons of inside jokes they kept cracking and he'd show him vines on his phone and not me. Whats going on?!? He says he likes me but it seems he likes his bf more. :(


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  • "Bros over hos"
    Look past the terminology and it makes sense. what you have to do is give him a reason to pick you over his friend..


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  • It happens to us girls too without even noticing. :c like when I would spend time with my bf and my girl best friend, I would laugh so much with her and have a great time with her. He then later told me how it sort of hurt him because it seemed like I would forget his presence. I felt so bad. That wasn't my intention. I just really wouldn't realize it. I get crazy with my best friend and forget about mostly everything. I mean, I knew he was there, I didn't forget. I just didn't think it would make him feel left out. I don't know what happened, best friends do get you crazy.
    So maybe your bf didn't mean to make you feel that way, its okay, cheer up! Just tell him how you feel and he'll most likely have an explanation that we apparently don't have

    • I'm sorry about that. I forgot he was your crush and not your boyfriend😐 but you can still tell him how you feel and everything, I just made that small mistake of calling him your bf

    • Okay that put things into perspective for me thank you!! Thats probably exactly what happened. I'll talk to him about it.

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