Severe diarrhea at his/her place?

there you are at his/her place. Studio apartment. Bathroom door less than a foot from the bed. Dinner was perfect.

You start kissing and the passion is there... This is first time you'll have sex...Clothes come off and .....whoa! You've got to go bad. No exhaust fan in bathroom and no white noise to give you "acoustical privacy". Lol. What to do?
  • I stink up the bathroom (and bedroom) and hope we still have sex.
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  • I think of sudden emergency and invent ANY reason to get the hell out and do the deed elsewhere.
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  • This is serious- I'll say I'm a superhero and the police commissioner just gave me the signal if I have to!! Anything! There's no way I'm stinking up the place!!
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  • I'm a gross fucker and so are they. Who cares.
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  • Taking a page from Ace Ventura, stink up the bathroom and then warn her" phew! Do not go in there '".


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  • I would go to his bathroom and then apologize and leave.

  • I would just go to the bathroom and turn the sink on. Then go. Then come out and close the bathroom door.

  • easy use the bathroom to "freshen up" then distract him from going in there with my vagina

    • Even though he just heard all the farting and splashing and the apartment reeks like a rest area latrine?

    • well if it was that bad id run out the bathroom window after

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