I have been alone for a long time. How can I change things?

I have had a difficult life and because of it I never really had many firiends. I knew lots of people who knew me but I found myself always spending time alone. I know this is my own doing because I did not try harder to change things. I only had three girl friends and that was from age 16-21. I am now 27 and have been single for 6 years. I just dont want to be alone anymore and would like to have better relationships. I kind of stopped dating because I felt so uncompatiable to the girls in my age range but I am willing get out there and try again I just dont know ehere to start.

Im not an anti social person at all. I am a good mix of extroverted and introverted. I just never get past the beginning stages of things. I like people and I have al lot to offer I just need a little advice.

What do you guys think?


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  • Cultivate friendships, dan6122. Friends are an invaluable resource.

    As for finding a relationship, what are you doing in that regard? You've got to put yourself out there. Mix things up with people who have similar interests.

    • You right about that. I was not really doing much before and that's why nothing happened. I was not meeting the right kind of girls and got really discouraged that I couldn't find a decent girl who was not a crazy drunk.

  • What kind of advice are you looking for? It seems like you know what to do.

    • I think I do but getting started is usually the most difficult part. Others who have gone through similar path as me might mention what they did to get started. just asking what others may think

    • How about this:

      Twice a week you go to something social that is scheduled (book club, yoga, salsa class, rock climbing, jiu jitsu, etc.) Then once you feel more "socialized," start cold approaching women on the street.

      (You can google more about cold approaching women--there's a lot of good information out there and lots of free programs to get you comfortable talking to women.)

      That should set you for life.


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